10 reasons we chose Engr. Gideon Ikhine for Edo 2020 Guber Race

Published on January 4th, 2020 at 10:00 am in EfeSpeaks
  • 1. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is for The People: Engr. Gideon Ikhine, unlike many others, cares about what is best for the greater good. He truly does represent the people. His actions have always been motivated by a sincere desire to do what is best for the majority, even if it meant losing ground with the wealthy, influential or powerful minority. He has consistently spoken on behalf of the disenfranchised, the underdog and the most negleted members of the society. He believes that life is not worth living if we cannot live it for others. “I want to go in there and fix and restore what is broken in Edo,” he said. “And I will be relentless with that, and I will never, ever give up because the people deserves better.”

    2. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a business leader: He is a man renowned for building businesses and men. A Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE) and a Member of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). With over 29 years of post qualification experience that has exposed him to opportunities in both Public and Private sectors where he has executed several Projects. These experiences were garnered while working in firms like Enplan Group, Pasomar & Associates, SGS Inspections, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) where he was a Project Engineer responsible for executing challenging Projects in the difficult swampy terrain of Niger-Delta; swampy terrain on Roads, Bridges and Oil Platforms Location, etc. Challenged by the need to create a truly Nigerian Engineering Company that could compete with its international counterparts and provide equal employment opportunity for the teaming Nigerian Engineers and people, Engr. Gideon Ikhine in 1997 left SPDC Nigeria Limited to establish Nugi Limited, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company initially focused on the Oil and Gas industry but has now grown to other strategic sectors of the economy. Other subsidiaries where he serves on the Board as Chairman include: Nugi LLC (Engineering & Procurement), Houston, USA, Granite Rocks Limited a Mining Company for Granites, Pinnacle Farms Limited with over 25 Hectares of Cocoa at Ohe Village in Esan Central LGA of Edo State.

    3. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a unifier: His rise has been built in part on the idea that he represents a break from the established identities that has defined many of our state’s divisions. To many, he embodies a promise to bridge the old and young, rich and poor, PDP and APC in order for all to work for Edo. We need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics currently brewing in the state and bring everyone together to get things done. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a progressive and a pragmatist, eager to tackle the big issues like health care, education, employment, infrastructure etc. “Edo State needs a Political Leader with compassionate heart that can connect with the yearnings, pains, and cries of her citizens; especially the under-privileged, our teeming youths and women, seeking hope for a better tomorrow and the total liberation of Edos” He said.

    4. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is an organiser: At our best, organisers challenge and expand what is possible in our own lives, in our communities and in public policy. They help people imagine new possibilities, and then develop and implement plans to realise those visions. Such is the life that an organised man like Engr. Gideon Ikhine inspires in us. When we feel isolated from one another and lack confidence in the direction our state is heading, it’s a call for good organizing. We need Engr. Gideon Ikhine to create , tens of thousands of more organisers, who can develop unifying agendas and messages, bring us together as a state, and rebuild our confidence in our ability to co-create democracy. We believe that Engr. Gideon Ikhine will use this platform to elevate the role of organizing in finding solutions to intractable problems bedeviling our dear state.

    5. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is intelligent: he’s a conscientious and intelligent leader who espouses humane values. He’s thorough, careful and vigilant in his task performance. The world today is characterised by increasing variety, interdependency and connectivity; complexity, change, ambiguity, seamlessness and sustainability. There’s no doubt that more intelligent leaders are needed to deal with these emerging challenges and demands. We need Engr. Gideon’s intelligence in governance so that he can constantly transform his rich private sector experiences into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom that can dovetail into policies and programmes capable of transforming our state and country.

    6. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a risk taker: It is a common practice that many people play it safe when it comes to anything related to their work or professional life. Taking calculated risks, even a minor one, is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s the reason why most successful people like him are the ones who take risks in their lives and come out triumphant. He is not afraid to dare neither can he be cowed by anyone or situations. Engr. Gideon Ikhine always urged people around him about taking risks, although calculated ones in the start. The more you know about Engr. Gideon Ikhine, the more you will be inclined to take risks in life and benefit from this act rather than fail.

    7. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a good communicator: A person cannot become a leader until and unless he is a great communicator. And it isn’t limited to just being a great speaker. The listening, writing, and reading skills are also important as only a great listener can become a great speaker. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a leader par excellence as he knows how to talk to any person, group or audience regardless of their background, age, race, gender, etc. And that’s where he truly deserves all the praise for being an immaculate person having perfected the art of communication. His entire ward-to-ward campaign was a classic case of how to communicate with virtually each and every person. This trait of his, will be in full display when he finally emerge as the PDP guber candidate. He will be everywhere talking to everyone eligible to vote, he will gain their confidence and send his message across in clear terms.

    8. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is dependable: dependability is a quality people seek in their leader. With dependability, followers can focus on more important tasks such as growth, development and unity, because there is a high level of trust with the leader. He is not only dependable he is also orderly, self-disciplined, achievement oriented, cautious, industrious, and deliberate. He’s a man that realises that he’s a part of a bigger team and knows that when the team succeeds, he succeeds. He loves being at work and working together toward a bigger goal. This breeds organisational pride and loyalty. Those who do what they say they are going to do earn a reputation of being consistent and trustworthy. Details can make the difference between success and failure and as such he pays attention to the details of everything he does. He notices when something is slightly off and he takes the initiative to fix it or speak with the team to find an amicable solution. He also holds hinself and others accountable for following through on commitments and taking responsibility for their work. He acts with integrity by dealing with others in an honest fashion, treating people fairly and equitable.

    9. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a team player: Collaboration is one of the many keys to success when working in a team. He knows how to collaborate with you and shows his 100% commitment for being part of the team. He knows the importance of galvanising everyone to focus on the project and the end result of the project. He shows responsibility and possess good judgement skills. He has clear communications with team members and has confidence in the message he’s relaying. He also knows how to have fun when working with the team. In stressful times, a joke or a laugh can go a long way and he knows how and when to slot it in. Being a team player is not just only good for Engr. Gideon Ikhine but also good for the party and state he hopes to lead. This means that he has the capacity to accommodate and bring together different points of views and allows for creativity and fresh ideas to flourish.

    10. Engr. Gideon Ikhine is a winner: having fought so many battles in life, although the nature of these battles varied enormously. There have been internal battles and external
    battles – times of intense temptation, doubt, fear and anxiety. There have been times of deep sadness, great loss and bereavement. There have been battles over finances, work and relationships. There have been periods of great opposition and criticism but he has triumphed over them all. He has used difficult situations to rise to the pinnacle and stand side by side with elite business men in Nigeria and beyond. The key to winning your battles, according to Engr. Gideon Ikhine, is not to rely on your own strength, but to put your trust in God. This goes against the grain, but at the end of the day human strength and power is not enough: ‘No king succeeds with a big army alone, no warrior wins by brute strength. Horsepower is not the answer; no one gets by on muscle alone, rather, God gives victory to those who trust in him.” “Winning the battle takes extra effort and more than we thought possible. But it’s there if we want it. We must accept the challenge and we must do so with a spirit of courage that embraces risk with hope in God” he said. It is this attitude of a winner and desire to bring about genuine change that has made Engr. Gideon Ikhine to offer himself to serve his people at this critical time of our political history. Let us support and embrace him, he is novel and a winner.

    Efe Igbinovia

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