Dr. Osagie Ehanire, I welcome you specially to Edo, your own state.

Published on November 12th, 2017 at 12:47 pm in Politics

Now that you are here in Benin to talk about healthcare, please don’t forget to ask Mr. Godwin Obaseki to take you round the emergency wing of the specialist hospital that they have dubed “Five Star hospital” commissioned more than a year ago by Mr. President, but still under lock and key in order to have a first hand knowledge of the infrastructure that we currently have on ground.
Let me warn you before hand so as not to be disappointed with what you might actually see. The building, though very beautiful but we were told that there are no equipment inside. The Governor even recently confirmed this assertion to the press when he said ” the government cannot afford the equipment required to kickstart the hospital”. You might have also read it in the newspapers.
Please also tell him to show you the State of the main specialist hospital where you have only one incubator, rickety stretchers, run down wards and toilets. So that you will see that he has done a fantastic work by equally abandoning it like his predecessor to pursue vain glory at the detriment of Edo people. Please also ask him how many doctors we currently have in the service. You would be shocked the numbers you will hear. Tell him to lead you to the dispensaries even though we know there are no drugs there. Please ask him what he is doing about the State school of nursing and midwifery that was deaccredited because of lack of facilities and staffing arising from lack of funding.
Please also ask him how many primary healthy centres in collaboration with the local government has he built since he assumed power a year ago in order to bring health care closer to the people. Don’t just come and talk like others will do. This is your state, make sure you ask vital questions because Edo people still die daily from Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD).
Since good health is directly linked to both personal and collective hygiene, please do well to tell the governor to priotize clean and green environment. Remind him to ensure that heap of refuse in Ring Road, 1st, 2nd, 3rd East Circular and other major roads in Benin should not been seen at all. Tell him that market women should not come to the market to meet refuse dump in the morning. Never. We would reduce the number of admissions in our hospitals if we clear our refuse in time.
Finally, let me end by telling you that while we welcome the “Alaghodaro” summit, we are not unaware of the lack of preparedness of Mr. Obaseki and his desire to hoodwink the public with a phony summit. Please tell him that there are three major sectors he must put right before reasonable investors can come. The security, transport and justice.Tell him that investors will come when government stop influencing court judgments and government agencies stop working for them alone. Tell him that investors will come when he can guarantee their lives and properties without the fear of been kidnapped. Tell him that investors will come when there is a transport system that brings relative ease to their businesses. Please tell him that I spoke about these things with passion and a determination to see my State succeed.
Please send him the assurances of my sincere regard.
Efe Igbinovia

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