How APC and INEC Merged In Edo State

Published on November 2nd, 2016 at 05:05 pm in EfeSpeaks

It is no longer news that INEC has thrown away it’s independence and have finally collapsed into APC. A case in point is the disobedience by INEC to allow PDP inspect election materials as ordered by the Tribunal. INEC has used all the trickery in the book to frustrate the PDP from inspecting electoral materials. The tribunal had in their ruling last week ordered INEC to allow PDP inspect electoral materials but INEC has been jumping from one excuse to another.


PDP was at INEC office last week and said PDP should wait for APC to finish photocopying the voter register so that they can join them in the inspection. Reason given by INEC for pleading on behalf of APC is what they called “administrative convenience”. This is in spite of the fact that the order given by the court did not join the two parties together.


INEC in pleading for APC has now become APC’s mouthpiece‎ but PdP reluctantly agreed with INEC wednesday last week to allow APC join them in the inspection. Since Wednesday last week, APC has been postponing the inspection of ballot giving one excuse after another. Again, they promised PDP Monday this week but when PDP got there, they started pleading for the exercise to be postponed till today, wednesday. It will shock you to know that the only room INEC proposed for the inspection is under lock by APC under the guise that their photocopier and the work they are doing is still ongoing. Curiously, INEC has refused to make another place available and allowed APC to lock the hall.


It is no wonder what Ayodele Fayose ‎said yesterday when he maintained that APC has finally succeeded in their merger with INEC. How on earth will INEC explain to the world that the key to one of its offices is with APC. Or is INEC not aware that they had promised to allow PDP inspect ballot papers in that same hall? How do we now ascertain that APC doesn’t have spare keys to all the strong rooms in INEC! The chief culprit of these whole matter is one Mr. Adewusi who is the HOD Operation. He is carefully working out the script of his paymasters in APC. This is a man that sits with the opposition to make case for APC. If you call him their lawyer in INEC, you will be right.


We believe that Mr. Adewusi has been positioned there to help delay the inspection of electoral materials by INEC to help APC buy more time to clean up the mess they left behind in their desperation to rig the governorship election, held‎ on the 28th September 2016. And we will expose their attempt to collaborate again to rig the court process as they have determined to, knowing that it is now clear to any discerning mind that APC has no defence to put up in court following the knowledge the world now has of the unprecedented level of rigging that took place during the election, hence their delay in frustrating the process.


Mr. Adewusi and all other INEC officials working with APC must however be careful as they are standing against justice that the people of Edo State so desire from this oppressive government that gained power through back-door. They must at times do some self evaluation and examine the life that they are living being completely at variance with the wishes of the people and beat a retreat for the purpose of the larger interest, which is the people of Edo and Edo State. The people of Edo must prevail because one million Adewusi can’t stop an idea whose time has come.


Efe Igbinovia

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