How To know The Right Facemask To Buy

Published on April 30th, 2020 at 05:09 am in EfeSpeaks

As a Digital Marketer who is in the forefront of marketing the fabric Facemask, I have in the last couple of days been inundated with questions of how to know the right facemask to buy. These questions have become necessary, considering the recent spike in our local fabric Facemask. As we all know by now, the rise in local fabric facemask was caused by issues of shortages and access. We are in a pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus and lots of people all over the world have been affected and some have died as a result. Our health workers more than ever before are facing the greatest threat to their lives and because of the urgent need to protect them, governments the world over have taken proactive steps to ensure that the N95 Facemask which is the surgical and respiratory mask, the one we would havd all loved to wear to adequately protect ourselves becomes the exclusive preserve of frontline health workers battling the COVID-19, hence the need for us to seek quality alternatives for ourselves, which has now given rise to fabric Facemask.

Gallery Of Quality Fabric Facemask on Display

How To know The Real Facemask.

Scientists have tested everyday items to find the best protection from coronavirus. From Pillow cases, flannel pajamas and origami vacuum bags have all become candidates. But what materials offer the most protection? While a simple face covering can reduce the spread of coronavirus by blocking outgoing germs from coughs or sneezes of an infected person, experts say there is more variation in how much fabric masks might protect the wearer from incoming germs, depending on the fit and quality of the material used.

Quality Facemask and Headscarf To Match

The biggest challenge of choosing a fabric Facemask material is to find a fabric that is dense enough to capture viral particles, but breathable enough that we can actually wear it. Some items being touted online promise high filtration scores, but the material would be unwearable. Overall, thicker, higher-grade cotton fabrics performed better than those with lower thread counts and more open weave. And if you’re not sure if the fabric you are being told to buy is thick enough, I suggests holding it up to a bright light or the sun. If light easily filters through, the filtration is likely not as good, if it blocks more of the light, it likely performs better. Be sure it has gum stay pad and filter layers and can’t blow out air from inside-out. I will also suggest again that you try to blow air into a burning candle when you wear it, if the candle goes off, then the facemask is not of good quality. So, now you know how to identify a quality Facemask.

Finally, Like I advised in the interview I granted to a radio station this week, regardless of how great your facemask looks, never think a mask gives you immunity against the coronavirus. However, It’s crucial to continue to follow all other guidelines from the Ministry of Health and National Centre For Disease Control (NCDC). No mask is as good as social distancing and good hygiene, That’s still the number one way to protect yourself and others.

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